Wood Cutting Auger Drill Bit with Stem to hot sale

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Wood Auger Bits is designed for drilling deep smooth clean holes in wood. Screw point at the tip of bit provides better hole location and self feeds bit into wood for easier drilling. The cutting edges for rapid cutting act like horizontal cutter and chip out wood in the hole. Long deep spiral flute for effective chip removal.

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Wide range of various types of auger drill bits are available for different applications.

Most of our wood drill bits include a pointed tip to avoid 'moving' bit. It ensures clean drilling and minimize the risk of wood splitting. In More top you can always find the right bit that you can trust. It is our duty to provide only high quality products to help our partners increase sales and customer base.

Item name

Auger drill Bit for wood drilling (with stem)


Hex shank


Spiral flute 
Single Flute with Stem (Single Flute without stem,Double Flute,Three Flutes and Four Flutes are available)


High Carbon steel


Features:·Self-centering head.
·Accurate cutting for perfect net hole.
·Heat treatment on all length.
·Compatible SDS-plus or hex-shank.
·Deep drilling.
·Friction limited.
1.Woodworking auger bits are suitable for drilling various softwood, hardwood, plastic, rubber, polyurethane and other materials..
2.Ideal for the installation of locks, electrical and plumbing work.
 Note: Tile, concrete, stone, metal, etc. are prohibited!

Product Size

Diameter(mm) Overall length(mm) Diameter(inch) Overall length(inch)
6-26mm 100mm 1/4"-1 4"
6-40mm 125mm 1/4"-1-9/16" 5"
6-40mm 155mm 1/4"-1-9/16" 6"
6-40mm 200mm 1/4"-1-9/16" 8"
6-40mm 230mm 1/4"-1-9/16" 9"
6-40mm 300mm 1/4"-1-9/16" 12"
6-40mm 400mm 1/4"-1-9/16" 16"
6-40mm 460mm 1/4"-1-9/16" 18"
6-40mm 500mm 1/4"-1-9/16" 20"
6-40mm 600mm 1/4"-1-9/16" 24"
6-40mm 800mm 1/4"-1-9/16" 32"
6-40mm 1000mm 1/4"-1-9/16" 40"

Our Advantages

-We have larger warehouse to shock products for delivery on time.

-We have professional sale and technology team to serve our customers to ensure your shopping experience

-Because our is factory,we can supply competitive price.

-The samples are free,freight is collected.If we can have your order ,we will decrease the freight cost from our first order.

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Shipping and Packing

Shipping: Express delivery, air shipping, sea shipping are available for your request. Usual delivery time is 5-10days after receiving the advance payment; For the customized product, 15-30 days after receiving the advance payment.

Packing: We also supply single pvc bag,paper bag,colored plastic square box,transparent plastic box,skin card,sandwich and so on packages with size, logo,brand and other information.



Q: Can I pay in advance?
A: Yes, you can. We accept 50-70% advance payment for new customers. If you are our regular customer, we accept 30% advance payment.

Q: What payment methods do you support?
A: We support various payment methods such as bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, letter of credit, etc.

Q: Can I get samples?
A: Absolutely! We know that when a customer purchases in bulk, they will get a sample to test the quality of the product to see if they will buy in bulk from that supplier. So we are happy to provide samples for you. We support free samples for most of our products, except for some higher value products which require you to pay for the samples. The shipping cost will be borne by you.

Q: Can I package my products or customize the packaging according to my requirements?
A: Absolutely! Welcome to contact our professional business team to tell us all the details of the packaging.

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