Wholesale DIN223 HSS Alloy Steel Thread Round Die for Steel Aluminium Stainless Steel General Purpose Threading

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Die by the shape and purpose into round die, die square, hexagonal die and tube-shaped die (see Figure die type). Among the most widely used circular die, the specifications for the M 0 .25 ~ M68 mm. When working out the pitch diameter out of tolerance can be adjusted on the slot die cut, in order to adjust the thread diameter. Banya wrench can be installed in manual processing using threads can also be rack mounted in die used on the machine. Lower thread precision machined die, but because of simple structure, easy to use, in a single piece, small batch production and repair of the die is still widely used.

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Product Name Wholesale DIN223 HSS Alloy Steel Thread Round Die for Steel Aluminium General Purpose Threading
Material HSS  carbide  (Alloy Steel is Available)
Process Fully Ground
Standard DIN223   (ANSI is Available)
Size M1x0.25 to M64x6.0
Thread Type M   (MF, UNC, UNF, BSW, BSP, PG are Available)
Shape Round Shape   (Hexagon Nut Shape is Available)
Surface Finish Bright   (Tin-Coated etc is available)
Package One Piece in One Plastic Box
Features 1. Dies are used to cut or clean an external thread.
2. Dies are best used with a three screw die stock which aids in the alignment when repairing threads.
3. Round Adjustable Dies are made with a slot in the circumference and a special screw to allow for cutting a slightly smaller size.
4. Hex rethreading dies are used in repair of rusty and/or damaged threads.
5. The chips are discharged through the plane holes in round dies.
6. They are either used for manual use of die holders or clamped into the quill to use in a turning lathe.

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HSS Alloy Steel Thread Round Die Size

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